Frequently Asked Questions !

Below are some of the common questions asked of Custom Police Vehicles. If your question is not represented, please use the Contact Us form and we will answer your question ASAP!


Can I have my police car custom made?

Yes, we specialize in custom made models.


What will I need to make the car?

Good high resolution digital images of all 4 sides of the vehicle taken in daylight. Close ups of text, graphics, badges, patches, etc.... Link to Upload Artwork.


How long will it take to make?

Every car is made to order. So you're looking at about 2-4 weeks.


What is the average cost?

Depends if your car has to be custom painted, or if it's an in stock color. Please contact us for the price and ETA.


Is there extra costs to have the car made?

At Haylee's, we never charge for artwork, or set-up fees.


Is there a minimum amount of cars I have to order?

There are no minimums. Please remember, larger projects will take priority over smaller orders.


Can I have my badge number or unit number placed on the car?

Yes. There is generally no extra charge.

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